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Soul Journey

Herb Klingele tells readers about miracles beyond the human comprehension or imagination.

In his book, Soul Journey, he shares his story – a story about struggles, suffering, faith, hope, and redemption. “Will God shine forth brilliantly and give eternal life, or will Satan take never-ending life from you?” That’s for you to find out through the pages of Soul Journey.

Soul Sanctuary

Herb Klingele graduated from high school, has a class A driver’s license, and is an operating engineer. Herb owns his own business, and he is also an arborist and a high-climber. He is a sergeant (USMC) and has a junior college AA business degree. He holds classes on how to win friends and influence people.  Herb’s third wife had left him. She could not see any light at the end of the tunnel for him ever quitting drugs or alcohol......